Innovation plays a vital role in improving health outcomes and strengthening healthcare systems.
Identifying the right innovation that will be the right fit for the given problem statement becomes very critical and essential.
Innovations must address any one of the following problem statements:

  1. Reduce cost of healthcare services.
  2. Improve last mile access
  3. Enhance quality
  4. Strengthen systems
  5. Promote equity

Categorization of the Health solutions

  • CareMother
    AnandiMaa Year of launch: 2015

    CareMother is a pregnancy care platform for quality antenatal and postnatal care for underserved populations. It empowers frontline health workers with a diagnostic kit and an AI based app to identify and manage high risk pregnancies with remote monitoring by a doctor, thereby improving maternal and neonatal heath outcomes.

  • NeoBreathe
    Easy to use infant resuscitator Year of launch: 2016

    NeoBreathe – NeoBreathe is an easy to use infant resuscitator that is empowering frontline health workers across the developing world to save the lives of newborns who fail to breathe at birth. It is the world’s first pedal operated multifunction resuscitator that reduces leakage and improves ventilation – making saving lives simple.

  • Vaccineledger
    Year of launch: 2016

    StaTwig’s signature product, Vaccineledger allows for end to end tracing of vaccines from manufacturers to the end customers, providing tracking ability to all the involved stakeholders through blockchain, recording and providing real-time tamperproof data to improve transparency.

    Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife Online Year of launch: 2015

    Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife Online (ANMOL) is an Android Tablet based Mother & Child Health application, used by ANMs for collection of the Mother & Children covering the below phases which includes

    Eligible Couple | Pregnancy | ANC (Ante Natal Care) Delivery Outcome | PNC (Post Natal care) Vaccination

    The Application allows ANMs to enter and update the service records of beneficiaries on real time basis.

  • Khushi Baby
    Year of launch: 2014

    The Khushi Baby system is a longitudinal digital solution which monitors and motivates reproductive and child health in last mile settings in India. Our solution consists of mobile applications for health workers, an offline digital medical record for beneficiaries, dashboard analytics for health officials, and automated dialect specific voice calls for community engagement.

  • qXR
    Year of launch: 2016

    qXR uses deep learning algorithms to read and triage chest X-rays in less than 1 minute and help detect 29 abnormalities including those that indicate presence of lung cancer, TB and COVID. Thereby reducing the chances of late diagnoses, under diagnoses and even potential misdiagnoses to deliver better patient care.

  • Vitor Health Guard
    Year of launch: 2018

    A portable health-screening kit, operated by a minimally skilled digital-health-agent, can be operated anywhere and anytime at the customer’s convenience. A health-screening takes about 10 minutes and an integrated health assessment in the form of an instant report is generated (in multiple local languages), containing simple yet actionable inputs.

  • TrueNat
    Year of launch: 2013

    A GLOBAL FIRST – Near Patient Testing Molecular Diagnostic Platform, combining the Sciences of BIOMEMS and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

  • iBreastExam
    Year of launch: 2016

    iBreastExam is a US FDA cleared, first of its kind hand-held device that enables lay health workers to identify non-palpable breast lumps in just a few minutes, without pain or radiation at the fraction of the cost of a mammogram.

  • TrueHb Monitoring Kit
    Year of launch: 2009

    TrueHb, a reflectance photometry pocket-sized device with operating temp 5-52 deg cel and range of 0-24g/dl.

  • Janitri
    Year of launch: 2019

    Wearable and easy to use intrapartum fetal heart rate, uterine contraction and maternal heart rate monitoring device which also communicates with an intelligent intrapartum monitoring mobile application for automated WHO partograph and remote/central monitoring.

  • MiraCradle
    Year of launch: 2015

    MiraCradle® Neonate Cooler is an affordable cooling device which uses the advanced savE® Phase Change Material (PCM) technology to induce therapeutic hypothermia among newborns suffering from birth asphyxia. It is easy to use, safe, light weight, portable and gives the precise temperature control of 33-34°C for a period of 72 hours with minimal manual supervision and no requirement of constant electricity supply.

  • MedGames
    Simulated learning platform Year of launch: 2019

    Bodhi Health’s award-winning game-based, simulated learning platform makes learning fun, motivating and adaptive for the clinical workforce. Every learner is presented with a set of real-life, simulated patient cases in various clinical areas. The game platform is designed to help clinicians sharpen their critical thinking skills and practice evidence-based care in a virtual and safe environment.

  • Doxper
    Year of launch: 2016

    InformDS Technologies is India’s leading healthcare digitisation solution, and the largest source of longitudinal real world data in the outpatient setting. Its proprietary, AI assisted digital pen and paper solution allows doctors to instantly digitise their case sheets without any change in behaviour or workflow.