Identification and validation of promising healthcare solutions

This step was achieved by adopting a robust system which included:

  • conducting a detailed secondary research for identification of potential solutions,
  • holding consultations with various stakeholders for further validation and
  • determining the ease and scalability for introducing solutions as per the country context.

Strategic demand generation in partner countries

This step involved:

  • visiting potential partner countries,
  • showcasing the promising healthcare solutions to the key stakeholders,
  • addressing the queries with regards to the solutions and
  • prioritizing the most relevant and appropriate solutions through mutual consultations.

Formalization of transfer arrangements

This step involved:

  • facilitating discussions between Indian and partner country organizations,
  • developing detailed roadmaps including success metrics for the solutions,
  • forging partnership agreements and
  • detailing roles and responsibilities of implementing partners.

On ground Techno Managerial support

This step involved supporting pilot implementations by:

  • providing regulatory support,
  • coordinating with experts,
  • developing training aids and reporting tools,
  • formulating Guidance committee and
  • creating an experience-sharing platform.